Blackbraid II

Blackbraid | Atmospheric Black Metal

Released 07/07/2023

Blackbraid II
  1. Autumnal Hearts Ablaze
  2. The Spirit Returns
  3. The Wolf That Guides The Hunters Hand
  4. Spells Of Moon And Earth
  5. Moss Covered Bones On The Altar Of The Moon
  6. A Song Of Death On Winds Of Dawn
  7. Celestial Passage
  8. Twilight Hymn Of Ancient Blood
  9. Sadness And The Passage Of Time And Memory
  10. A Fine Day To Die (Bathory Cover)
  • Sgah’gahsowáh – songwriting, all instruments except drums, vocals
  • Neil Schneider – session drums, recording, mixing, mastering

Fun Fact: We started working on Blackbraid II only a month after we got done with Blackbraid I. However, instead of this one being done in only a couple months like the first record, this one took us an entire year to record, mix, and master. It was just as fun to work on this one as it was the first! It was double the length of the first album and there was a bunch of new elements that he added to this one.

The recording process went smooth with the rare hiccup here and there. The mixing and mastering on this one while fun was honestly a bit stressful due to the first album getting praise for its mix and master. I wanted to make this one sound similar to the first album but not exactly the same because that would’ve been boring. We found all new guitar tones, bass tones, and changed up the drums slightly too. We did keep many aspects of the first record though, mainly using the same reverbs to keep and improve on the atmosphere we created on the mix of the first record. After many hours and many revisions we landed on the final product and I couldn’t be happier with it!