The Song Among Branches

Mossgiver | Atmospheric Black Metal

Released 02/04/2022

The Song Among Branches
  1. The Song Among Branches
  2. Speaking For The Light
  3. Solemnly
  4. Kjer Žalost Bledi
  • Tilen Šimon – all instruments, songwriting, and vocals
  • Neil Schneider – drum mixing, mastering

I was once again approached by Mossgiver shortly after working on the first record about working on this record. He asked for me to do the same thing we did on the previous record, however, this time he wanted the drums to sound a bit different and a little more “in your face”. So I once again did something I had never tried and made a hybrid kit out of two drum programs, I used the cymbals of one and combined the shells of both of them together to make the drum sound you hear on this record and once again mixed them into the songs along with mastering the whole thing after that.

It was a really great experience and honor to work with Tilen on these two records as I have been a huge fan of his other project Ueldes (formerly known as Veldes) for a very long time, I hope to work with him again in the future!