Forest Hymns

Vintergrav | Black Metal, Darkfolk

Released 10/27/2023

Forest Hymns
  1. World Serpent (feat. Tithe)
  2. Cathedral of the Gods
  3. Wayfarer
  4. Set My Soul on Fire (feat. Osi and the Jupiter)
  5. Forged By The Forest (feat. Zwischenlichten)
  6. A Beacon Of Fire (feat. By the Spirits)
  7. Ullr’s Ode (feat. Kakophonix)
  8. In Blood… (feat. Mosaic)
  9. These Old Mountains
  10. Guided By Snowfall (feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne)
  • Instruments, vocals and production by D.
  • Mastered by Neil Schneider
  • Artwork by Aesep Yasin Abdulah and Urzeitkraft