Fragile Body | Drone, Industrial

Released 09/01/2023

  1. Descent
  2. End of the Line
  3. Siren
  4. Be Not Afraid
  5. Vagus
  6. Under Beech
  7. Unwell
  8. Rebirth
  • Mixed and mastered by Neil Schneider
  • Photography by Gretchen Heinel and Rant Casey
  • Layout & design by Theologian
  • Additional typography by Dorothy Schmidt

This album was all new territory for me. I have never worked with a project such as this. It had elements of so many different genres, ambient, industrial, drone, folk, etc. and I had never worked with any of those genres up until this point. I let the artist know that this was my first time ever working on a project like this, they told me that it was fine and the reason they came to me was that they really enjoyed the production of Blackbraid I and would like it to have a similar atmosphere to that record. So in late December 2022 I started mixing and mastering “Unwell” and it was a fantastic experience all around, I learned many new tricks that I applied to future mixes!