Leechmonger | Deathcore

Released 10/23/2021

  1. Scissor Drip
  2. Entropy
  3. Sink Like Stones
  4. Deathwish
  5. Cogito Ergo Sum
  6. Wall Of Blue
  • Casey Tyson-Pearce – Vocals
  • Cole Daniels – Bass
  • Noel Harding – Guitars, Mixing
  • Kyle Schulz – Drums
  • Neil Schneider – Mixing, Mastering

This was yet another really fun one to work on. I worked with Leechmonger back in 2019 on their EP “We Must Escape” so when they contacted me about working on this one I naturally said yes. On the EP, Noel found the guitar tone and I did the rest. However, on this one Noel once again found the guitar tone (he’s really damn good at crafting tones by the way) but also did a lot of the vocal editing as well so it made it much easier on my end to mix in the vocals with all of his great editing.

Another strange aspect of this recording is that while the drum shells are all programmed, the overheads are real. It’s not too unheard of to do this but it was the first time I had ever worked with a project that had done this. He recorded himself playing through the entire EP but just hitting the cymbals, nothing else and the end result sounded great!