Led By The Glowing River

Mossgiver | Atmospheric Black Metal

Released 08/01/2021

Led By The Glowing River
  1. Paths Anew
  2. Led By The Glowing River
  3. Embrace The Wrath Of Wind
  • Tilen Šimon – all instruments, songwriting, and vocals
  • Neil Schneider – drum mixing, mastering

This was an interesting project. I was approached by Mossgiver in the Summer of 2021 about working on this record, he liked the mix that he did on his own overall but wasn’t a fan of the drum sound that he had. He asked me if it was possible to apply my own drum tone over the drums he had written, then after that mix them into the songs, and then master the whole thing. This was something I have never done before but we gave it a shot and it actually turned out great!