Neil Schneider

Professional Mixing & Mastering

High quality mixing and mastering at attractive rates.


Combine several, high-quality, multi-track WAV recordings (or stems) into one, balanced mix.

This includes full equalization, dynamic range limiting, noise reduction, reverberation effect, slight editing, and slight adjustments to MIDI drum tracks.

Starting at $225 per song


Apply post-production processing and normalize loudness across your tracks.

If you're unsure of the exact kind of mastering you'd like, send along examples of other work to use as reference.

Starting at $35 per song

Recording, composing and songwriting are not provided. Only completed tracks will be accepted. Mastering is included with mixing!


I have worked with some amazing musicians in my time as a music producer so far. Below is a few featured examples of my work.

If you wish to see more then head to my Portfolio page.

About Me

My name is Neil Schneider and I'm a drummer of over 18 years, with a burning passion for music. I graduated in Audio Engineering at The New School of Radio and Television in Albany, NY and have had over 10 years of audio engineering experience since. I specialize in many genres of music but I have a specific focus on Black Metal and Extreme Metal in general.

I utilise various bits of software and hardware to ensure your music sounds as professional as possible without breaking the bank. Notable artists I have worked with include Blackbraid, Mossgiver, and Mourning By Morning to name a few.

I am also available for other services such as audio editing/quantizing, cleaning up audio, and MIDI drum programming. Contact me below if you have any questions or to discuss custom pricing.

I hope to work with you and your vision for your next project!

Neil Schneider